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Kammerer Livestock 3rd Annual Bull Sale

Matt Kammerer (second from left) talking bull before the sale.

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Kammerer Livestock of Rapid City, SD held their 3rd annual bull sale March 5 at Belle Fourche Livestock Exchange. Owned by Matt and April Kammerer and family, Kammerer Livestock continues to maintain the same goal it has from day one – to meet the needs of the commercial operation.

They offered five embryo brothers sired by MF Destroyer 093 at the 2009 sale. Through GeneStar testing, Destroyer has a total of 14 stars with eight stars in feed efficiency and six stars in tenderness.

Three of the top five bulls from the 2009 sale came from those Destroyer genetics, with the top two selling for $3,000 apiece. Lot 1, KAR Destroyer 826, was born 2/26/08 with a 95 pound birth weight and carries EPDs of BW +4, WW +45, YW +76 and Milk +21. Lot 4, KAR Destroyer 816, was born 2/20/08 with a birth weight of 80 pounds and carries EPDs of BW +4, WW +46, YW +81 and Milk +25.

The Lot 1 bull was a half brother to the Lot 4 ET bull and both were a part of the Reserve Champion Pen of Three bulls at the Central States Fair.

The third bull topping the sale at $3,000 was Lot 10, KLASS New Design 831. This bull born on 2/27/08 hit the ground at 90 pounds and carries EPDs of BW +1.8, WW +49, YW +88 and Milk +27.

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