North Dakota FFA Chapter Serves a Locally-Sourced Banquet

Deanna Nelson-Licking
for Tri-State Livestock News

FFA students learn lessons about agriculture, business, communication and a variety of other topics. But in one North Dakota FFA chapter, they also learned the importance of local relationships, fresh food, and supporting the local economy.

On April 8 the Oakes/Sargent Central/Ellendale FFA Chapter held their 17th annual awards banquet in Guelph, North Dakota. There were over 100 members, parents, and guests present, and dinner didn’t have to travel far.

“Our FFA chapter believes in the importance of supporting local businesses and growers so Anna Kemmer, our chapter advisor, and I worked together to develop a meal that was all locally-sourced,” said Emma Muggli- 2020-2022 Oakes/Sargent Central/Ellendale FFA Chapter President. “The idea came up because there have been a lot of community members trying to get local food in our school and we thought we could try it at our banquet.”

The roast beef was purchased at Great Frontier Meats in Oakes. The lettuce for salads came from Larry’s Hydro Lettuce in Fullerton. Heimbuch Potatoes near Cogswell, donated the potatoes and Claire German, a resident of Guelph, baked the cakes. Pickles and beets were grown and canned earlier in the school year by the students at the Southeast Region Career and Technology Center (SRCTC) in Oakes. Anna Kemmer and the culinary students at the SRCTC made the buns and prepared the meal. According to Muggli it wasn’t anymore expensive than buying it anywhere else. “It was probably almost cheaper just because local businesses like Heimbuch Potatoes were more willing to donate.”

“There were many positive comments about the meal and the menu flyers from the guests,” Muggli said. “And the food was really fresh and good quality. It was easy to arrange because we knew a lot of the people we were working with and they were willing to deliver their products to us.”

Members of the Oakes/Sargent Central/Ellendale FFA Chapter present at the 17th annual awards banquet on April 8th. Photo courtesy of Cherie Muggli.
Jaydon Hankle, Austin Kelly, Stetson Stearns, Teagan Olsen, and Emma Muggli are pictured along with the locally sourced FFA awards banquet. Photo courtesy of Amber Johnson.

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