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SD Center for Farm/Ranch Management
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This past May, the SD Center for Farm/Ranch Management hosted an artificial insemination clinic in Hot Springs. Students learned techniques on synchronization, AI-ing, nutrition and reproductive physiology. It wasn’t that this was anything new to some of these students, but that they wanted to take their operation to the next level with the advancement of their herd genetics. There were many different reasons these individuals wanted to learn to AI. Some wanted to bring superior genetics to their herd or others wanted a better way to market their bred heifers. Whatever the reason may have been, these individuals took advantage of the educational opportunity to help improve their operation. All across South Dakota there are many opportunities for every rancher to advance their own education. It might be anything from a crop scouting class or touring a local registered breeder. Each operation should look at its own weak link and try to educate themselves to help strengthen that specific area. There are many organizations that offer seminars, training, or education classes throughout the year.

Why are certain operations more profitable than others? Many of the more profitable operations take advantage of education opportunities that are available to them. Of course, each operation can’t grasp all the new technology and information that is available in one year, but we can always find a few opportunities that will be beneficial. If you can attend a seminar and implement one technology that results in improvement, I consider that a success. Many of the Fortune 500 companies are competing daily with every other company to be the first with newest technology, the most efficient and have the highest rate of return. Agriculture producers are competing with the next ranch down the road to market higher quality cattle. We need the best cattle genetics to give us higher rates of gain or a higher conception rates; or a grain variety that will give us more tons per acre. We can never achieve those goals if we don’t keep educating ourselves. The next time you see a seminar or education class in the paper, take some time, fill out the registration and send it in. It might be the best investment you make this year. If you have questions about managing your operation, you can contact the S.D. Center for Farm/Ranch Management at 1-800-MTI-1969 or David Koupal at phone: (605) 995-7193

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