Krebs Ranch 34th Annual Production Sale |

Krebs Ranch 34th Annual Production Sale

John Nachtigall, Owanka, S.D., got a Barstow Cash herd bull at the Krebs Ranch sale.

Date: Feb. 20, 2014

Location: At the Ranch, Gordon, Neb.

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Scott Dirk


227 Yearling bulls – $7,075

30 Fall bulls – $6,350

22 Yearling SimAngus bulls – $4,989

1 Show heifer $25,000

Eldon and Louisa Krebs and family welcomed a very nice crowd of buyers to their 34th Annual production sale at the ranch near Gordon, Neb. The Krebs outfit is known for producing thick, stout bulls that show lots of performance and calving ease in a very eye appealing package. The bulls were in great sale condition and eagerly bid on by the large crowd of buyers on hand and thru electronic means. Auctioneer, Joe Goggins kept the pace rolling, setting things up for a very successful sale.

The day featured the 2014 National Western Stock Show Reserve carload of Angus bulls, and a very excellent selection of half brothers sired by Barstow Cash bulls. Bulls sold pretty much all across the United States with several going across the border into Canada.

The top selling bull for the day was Lot 47, KR Joe Canada 3043, a March 2, 2013, son of K Bar D Joe Canada 18Y, with EPDs of BW 2.9, WW 65, YW 110, Milk 26. Repeat buyer Twin Mills Angus Ranch, Ansley, Neb., was the buyer at $50,000.

Lot 49, KR Cash 3402, a March 1, 2013, son of Barstow Cash with EPDs of BW 2.9, WW 65, YW 109, Milk 29. This bull sold to Peak Dot Angus, Wood Mountain, SK, Canada & Semex, Gulph, Ontario, Canada for $45,000.

The next high selling bull for the day was Lot 36, KR Bullseye 3451, a Feb. 2, 2013, son of Mogck Bullseye with EPDs of BW 2.9, WW 69, YW 114, Milk 35. Hamilton Farms, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada was the buyer at $37,000.

Lot 3, KR Control 2928, an August 12, 2012, son of WK Control with EPDs of BW 3.2, WW 71, YW 110, Milk 25 sold to John Small, Fullerton, Neb., for $20,000.

Also selling for $20,000 Lee Cattle Company, Brush, Colo., was Lot 48, KR Cash 3389, a March 5, 2013, son of Barstow Cash with EPDs of BW 1.1, WW 68, YW 114, Milk 24.

Lot 37, KR Cash 3152, a 2/13/13 son of Barstow Cash with EPDs of BW 0.9, WW 64, YW 107, Milk 29, sold for $17,500. Jallo Angus, Fordville, N.D., and Bill Adams Angus, Steele, N.D., teamed up to be the winning bidders.

Smith Angus Farms, Hay Springs, Neb., purchased the next high selling bull, Lot 76, KR Bullseye 3434 for $17,000. This bull is a Feb. 7, 2013, son of KR Bullseye 3434 with EPDs of BW 1.7, WW 68, YW 112, Milk 35.

And exceptional show heifer, KR Savannah 3623, a 5/12/13 daughter of Malsons Cobra 155Y sold to Twin Mills Angus Ranch, Ansley, Neb., for $25,000.

As usual the hospitality and display of the sale cattle was top notch. The breeder bulls sure helped the average, but don’t let the strong average fool you, as there were bulls selling all day long in price ranges to fit any ranching operation.

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