Lamb Jam Attracts Chefs and Consumers to U.S. Lamb |

Lamb Jam Attracts Chefs and Consumers to U.S. Lamb

The 2019 Lamb Jam Tour kicked off on March 31 in Austin, TX, followed by Washington, DC, April 14. In 2010, the American Lamb Board (ALB) began this chef competition and tasting event that celebrates the adventurous flavors of American Lamb.

It has earned its place in the 2019 checkoff program line-up for its ability to build awareness and excitement about American Lamb. For 2019, there are six tour events in ALB target markets. This year, 60% of Austin Lamb Jam attendees say they are more likely to ask their grocery store or butcher lamb from the U.S. after having attended Lamb Jam.

Lamb Jam brings together local chefs, butchers and sheep producers to expose consumers to the great flavor and versatility of American Lamb, and inspire them to cook more lamb at home. In each of the Lamb Jam markets, competing chefs showcase lamb dishes in one of four Global Flavor categories: Asian, Mediterranean, Latin and Middle Eastern. Chefs compete for the best lamb dish and the opportunity to go head-to-head against winners from across the nation at the Lamb Jam Finale for the ultimate title: Lamb Jam Master.

The winner In Austin was Chef Barrett Black, Black’s Original Barbecue, for his “Smoked Lamb Masa Cake with Mexican Coke Mole.” In Washington, D.C., Chef Dimitri Moshovitis of CAVA made an unprecedented third won with his “Spicy Szechuan Lamb Noodles.”

Every opportunity is taken to create a preference for American Lamb instead of imported, connect chefs with local lamb suppliers, and educate chefs and consumers about how lamb is raised.

In Austin, several local producers supplied lamb and attended the event including Capra Foods and La Cabra Meat, who participated in the education butchery demo. The winning chef was presented a custom-made wool plaque made by Gene Edminston of West Texas Fibers.

In Washington, DC, Jamison Farm from Pennsylvania supplied lamb to several competing chefs plus conducted a butchery demonstration and educational discussion about their operation.

The website for the event is Let ALB know if you are interested in attending and/or supplying lamb for one of our upcoming Lamb Jam events by contacting Rae Maestas at

Upcoming Lamb Jams:

May 19 – Seattle

June 23 – Boston

July 21 – San Francisco

August 25 – Denver

–American Lamb Board