Lamb markets jump this week |

Lamb markets jump this week

According to the Newell Sheepyards, Newell, S.D., market report from Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013, they sold just under 4,000 sheep.

Lambs weighing under 70 lbs sold $15 – $20 per hundred weight higher. Lambs 70-100 lbs sold $30 – $35 per hundred weight higher and lambs over 100 lbs were $20 higher per hundred weight higher than last week, according to the report.

A big run of 90 lb lambs brought $1.90 and a smaller bunch of 70 pounders from the same outfit brought the same dollars per pound.

In the corresponding sale report from one year ago, 95 lb lambs brought 90 cents per pound and 80 lb lambs cashed in at just 97 cents per pound.

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