Lamb menuing rises in more restaurants beyond find dining |

Lamb menuing rises in more restaurants beyond find dining

The American Lamb Board reported in its newsletter this week that a quantitative research study by Datassential MenuTrends revealed that lamb is being menued on more and more restaurants beyond fine dining. Based on data from 4,800 restaurants, including national chains, regional chains and independent restaurants, the study reports that lamb has been on a steady rise with an increased menu penetration of 11 percent compared to four years ago. The study notes that lamb entrée penetration has shown steady growth in contrast to many of the top menued proteins, which have shown declines in recent years.

Pulled pork recorded the largest rise with a 16 percent increase. On the other end of the spectrum, roast beef, veal and scallops recorded decreased penetration trends of 19 percent, 19 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

–American Sheep Industry

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