Lassos & Legends youth public speaking event set for April 28 |

Lassos & Legends youth public speaking event set for April 28

BROOKINGS, SD – The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service will host the 2011 Lassos & Legends youth public speaking contest on April 28.

Lassos & Legends is a public speaking contest open to all young people ages 17 and younger. The contest begins at 5 p.m. at the Clay County 4-H building in Vermillion, SD. Participants can compete in the beginner group, for ages 10 and younger; the junior division for speakers ages 11-14; or the senior division for competitors 14-17.

The deadline to sign up is April 18. To get involved, call your county Extension office for information, or call event organizer Will Kennedy, Extension 4-H/Youth Development educator, at 605-677-7111.

Membership in 4-H is not required. Each speaker will present a 3-7 minute speech that may include visual aids such as posters or PowerPoint displays. Participants are encouraged to use their own creative touches on their speech but must choose from the following topics for the speech:

• The history of the horse in Native American culture

• The ranch horse, South Dakota’s unsung hero

• Rodeo, South Dakota’s official sport

• Unwanted horses in America: Is there a solution?

Judges will award a minimum of $300 in prizes to the top presentations in each division. Kennedy can answer questions you may have on the event by e-mail. Write to him at:

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