Last Week’s Oahe Farm and Ranch Show |

Last Week’s Oahe Farm and Ranch Show

Terry Hall, Instructor, SD Center for Farm/Ranch Management

Clayton Deuter, formerly of Ree Heights, S.D., and now working for Mitchell Technical Institute in admissions, sat at the booth with me at the Oahe Farm and Ranch Show held last week at the Oahe Speedway north of Pierre. We worked as a team. He was focused on recruiting the high school students to enroll in the Agriculture Transportation Technology programs offered by MTI, upon graduation. At the other end of the table, I was promoting the Level 2 program of the S.D. Center for Farm/Ranch Management to the parents of these high school students or to any farmers and ranchers advancing their career in agriculture. In my conversations with the farmers attending, it was gratifying to hear the enthusiasm about the condition of their pastures, and potential of the crops compared to a year ago.

It was so interesting to watch Clayton interact with these high school students, and one cannot help but notice the difference in brothers of the same families. Some can talk non-stop and you wait for them to take a breath so you can get a word in edgewise. Others seem more shy and speak so softly that you need to lean forward to hear them over the din and chatter of the big circus tent in which our booth was situated.

For me it was like a homecoming. The Oahe Speedway is located on the county line between Sully and Hughes Counties. For eight years I was the Extension Educator – Agronomy for Sully as well as Potter, Faulk and Hyde Counties. I enjoyed catching up with all the farmers and ranchers with whom I worked in that capacity. By the time I came home at night, I was pretty well ‘talked out’ if you know what I mean. This morning I filled out the card to reserve a booth space for the 2014 Oahe Farm and Ranch Show to be held on the same dates, June 25 – 26. We hope to see you there. Just as the Mitchell Regional Extension Center shares an office building on the campus of Mitchell Technical Institute with the S.D. Center for Farm/Ranch Management, so will I also be sharing office space at the Pierre Regional Extension Center located at 412 W. Missouri, Pierre, S.D., beginning July 1. I have been working out of my home since last November. Those of you who work out of your home, know that it has its good points and bad points. However, I will not miss moving one of the cats out of my chair so that I may sit down at the computer every morning.

I look forward to utilizing the classroom available at the Pierre Regional Extension Center to teach classes of the Level 1 and Level 2 program of the SD Center for Farm/Ranch Management. To locate an instructor in your area, call 1-800-684-1969 or go online to our website Or, you can reach me directly at 605-299-6703 or

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