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Latest on the South Dakota Legislature

Rep. Betty Olson
for Tri-State Livestock News
South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signs SB 205, a bill that places wolves on South Dakota's predator list. Bill Sponsors Senator Mike Vehle, Mitchell, and Representative Betty Olson, Prairie City, are pleased with statewide support their bill enjoyed. Courtesy photo Representative Olson

The 2013 session of the South Dakota legislature has finished. We return to Pierre for Veto Day on March 25, but so far the governor hasn’t vetoed any bills.

Friday started off on a positive note early that morning when Gov. Dauggard invited Sen. Mike Vehle and me to his office to watch him sign our bill, SB 205, to put wolves on the predator list in South Dakota. Just as I returned to caucus, Rep. Scott Craig got a call from the governor’s office asking Rep. Craig, Rep. Hickey, Sen. Tiezan, and me to come down while he signed our bill, HB 1087, that provides for the creation of school sentinel programs and for the training of school sentinels. The governor’s office staff took pictures of both bill signings and I’m going to print them off for show and tell!

Another of my bills, HB 1123 to increase the surcharge on hunting licenses for predator control, to make an appropriation, and to declare an emergency, had a long, torturous trip that ended late in the night on Friday. The Senate finally passed HB 1123 at 11 p.m. Friday night and sent it to the governor’s office after it was amended to include a $160,000 loan from GF&P to handle the predator control expenses until the law takes affect in July.

These are some of the bills the legislature sent to the governor this week:

HB 1050 to make an appropriation for costs related to the suppression of mountain pine beetles, to establish a cost share program with the counties in the state, and to declare an emergency.

HB 1165 revises provisions concerning the agricultural land task force.

HB 1168 is my bill to allow predator control boards to increase levies to pay for predator control if approved by a majority of the livestock producers within the district.

HB 1184 appropriates $4 million to the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to fund improvements to the state park system. You can bet I voted NO on this one!

HB 1144 permits the euthanization of wildlife seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents.

HB 1234 provides a limited exception to the provisions that exempt sport shooting ranges from the public nuisance laws.

HB 1049 transfers the value added agriculture subfund from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to the Department of Agriculture.

SB 17 makes an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission.

SB 153 to clarify, remove inconsistencies from, and revise provisions relating to the formation and operation of watershed districts

SB 166 extends the number of years that permits to carry a concealed weapon are valid from four years to five years.

SB 59 prohibits the disposal of oil and gas field wastes unless it comes from energy development within South Dakota.

SB 151 clarifies the maintenance responsibilities on unimproved section lines.

SB 28 revises the property tax levies for the general fund of a school district.

SB 195 establishes incentives for wind energy facilities, revises the amount that may be rebated for the gross receipts tax on electricity produced on wind farms, provides a penalty for filing a false affidavit, and makes a continuous appropriation.

This link will let you check on the final disposition of all legislation: