Lau’s Valley View Farm Angus Production Sale |

Lau’s Valley View Farm Angus Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek

Date:  Mar. 23, 2023

Location: At the farm, northeast of Armour, South Dakota

Auctioneer:  Seth Weishaar


32 reg. Angus Bulls avg. $ 5703


19 reg. Angus Open Heifers avg. $ 2611

Jeff and Brenda Lau, and their son, Marcus and Allison Lau, welcomed a big crowd to their sale with great food and an outstanding set of bulls and heifers.

The Lau family produces cattle that are profitable and efficient for their customers.  The top end of the bulls drew much attention from Angus breeders and commercial cattlemen. This was a very strong sale from start to finish.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 9: $ 14,000 to Ty Dieters of Turtle Creek Angus, Faith, South Dakota – Vermilion Spur E143 x Mogck Bullseye

Lot 18: $ 9,500 to Pete Thompson, Kintyrei, North Dakota – Hoover Know How x Basin Bonus 4345

Lot 1: $ 8,500 to Jeremy Wright, Corsica, South Dakota – Koupals B&B Pathfinder 8106 x Poss Maverick

Lot 3: $ 8,000 to Aaron Miller, Swanville, Minnesota – Woodhill Blueprint x VAR Legend 5019

Lot 15: $ 8,000 to Aaron Weber, Parkston, South Dakota – Koupals B&B Pathfinder 8106 x Lau Eagle Eye Am 1510

Top Selling Heifer:

Lot 42: $ 6,000 to Zach Lutz, Valley Spring, South Dakota – Tehama Tahoe B767 x Basin Rainmaker 4404

Doug Schaeffer, Lesterville, Iowa, bought Lot 11.
Robert and Chris Buchmann, Emery, South Dakota, are longtime customers.
A big crowd was on hand for the Lau’s Valley View Farm Sale.