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Leachman horse update: NILE Foundation turns horse care over to Crow Tribe

BILLINGS, MT – The NILE Foundation is aware that the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and Crow Tribe have now entered into a written agreement for the impoundment of trespassing horses owned by James H. Leachman. In light of that agreement, the NILE will cease the day-to-day feeding and care of Operation Home Place and turn it over to the Crow Tribe effective March 14, 2011.

The NILE Foundation will continue to provide hay, cover the costs of transporting hay to the area where the Crow Tribe will impound the horses, feedlot rental, and assistance with costs associated with veterinary care as the remaining funds collected allow. “We are committed to making sure there is ample feed and supplies for the horses under the care of the Crow Tribe in an effort to be responsible to the many donors of Operation Home Place,” said NILE General Manager Justin Mills. “Our only concern is that the signed agreement between the BIA and Crow Tribe does not budget or take into account the other phases of the project.” The NILE trusts that the BIA and Crow Tribe will honor an agreement that will ensure the horses are properly cared for during the balance of this process.

The NILE appreciates the efforts of all of its volunteers and partners that came together for Operation Home Place.

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