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Lee Pitts: Ten things to love about cows

Consumers don’t make the connection between cows and all the great things they provide. Here’s my top ten list of the things I love most about cows.

#1 Hamburgers: Ever since burgers were first introduced at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 Americans have had a hamburger habit. Sixty percent of the beef consumed in this country is in the form of ground beef, and rightfully so. Put a burger between two buns, add some lettuce, tomato, a slice of cheese and you have the perfect meal! Ground beef is also a major ingredient of my all-time favorite form of sustenance: Mexican food. No fish tacos for me, if it’s not beef you can throw it back in the ocean as far as I’m concerned

#2 Milk: Any cow that doesn’t give milk is a big Milk Dud. If there’s a better form of beverage than chocolate milk it has never passed my lips. Sure, some folks contend milk is for babies but then they turn right around and put mounds of butter on their baked potato. Gee, I wonder where that came from? PETA people, thinking they’re boycotting cows, eat only oleomargarine but they’re in for a big surprise when they find out that oleo stock also comes from the udder of a cow. Personally, I trust cows more than I do chemists and I was glad to finally read about recent research that said butter is better for you than margarine. I could have told you that.

#3 BS: One of the most regenerative powers on earth is manure. What’s more sustainable than a steer that converts grass into a delicious food at the same time it is fertilizing the earth to produce more grass, instead of brush that feed wildfires that kill animals. Cattle truly are “white man’s buffalo” and that’s no BS.

#4 Ice Cream: Two words… I think that’s all I need to say.

#5 Cowboys: Without cows there’d be no cowboys. That means no J. Frank Dobie books, Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove, Michner’s Centennial, Clint Eastwood westerns, Man from Snowy River, the state of California, Tim Cox or Charlie Russell paintings, the Texas lifestyle, cow dogs, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Gunsmoke, and on and on. Personally I don’t want to live in a world without cowboys, or their culture.

#6 Insulin: There are 5 million diabetics in this country who need insulin injections merely to survive and it takes the pancreas from 26 cattle to produce enough to keep a diabetic alive for one year. Know any diabetics? Then thank a cow.

#7 Barbecue: Some of the best times of my life were spent huddled around a barbecue pit with some guys burning our buns, with the smoke from an oak fire getting in every pore of my body for, as we all know… smoke follows beauty. Barbecue is an American birthright and unless it’s beef… it’s not a barbecue.

#8 Cheese: Cheese has been nibbled on since Roman times and there’s not a food in the world that doesn’t taste better with cheese on it. Besides, without cheese we’d have been overrun by mice long ago without bait for our mousetraps.

#9 Leather: As a leatherworker I’m very aware of all the products made from leather, such as belts, bags, boots, shoes, wallets, etc. Without leather, pants would be falling down, cowboys would have to ride bareback and people would be barefoot. Oh sure, there are petroleum substitutes but tell the greenies that it takes 6.9 pounds of crude oil to make one pound of polyester fiber and 12 pounds of crude oil to make one pound of nylon. So, do you want your clothes made from chemicals or cattle?

#10 Football: We’re in my favorite season of the year, not autumn silly, football season. Although they are often called “pigskins” most footballs are made from the hides of cattle. So next Sunday watch your favorite football team, fire up the barbecue pit, throw on some steaks followed by three helpings of homemade ice cream and celebrate that wonderful creature that made it all possible… the common cow.

Lee Pitts

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