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Brent Thiel, Isabel, SD. Photos by Susan Cable

Date: Feb. 18, 2013


148 yearling Angus Bulls – $5,108

21 coming two-year-old Angus Bulls – $4,190

24 registered yearling Angus Heifers – $1,586

Another huge crowd for the Koupal Annual Production Sale, and it takes a huge crowd to consume this large offering of bulls which includes yearlings, fall bulls, two-year-olds … and yes, there were also some heifers. The wind was strong and cold, even though the temperature didn’t show it, and the sun peeked through once in awhile.

This line-up includes bulls from Koupal Angus, owned by Lavern and Alice Koupal, and Koupal’s B & B Angus, owned by Bud and Bernie Koupal. These herds are very production oriented, especially on the cow side. Producing top quality females with good udders and easy fleshing abilities are some of the top criteria. Koupal Angus herds have a long history in the Angus business in South Dakota. Many of the customers have told me that they’ve bought Koupal bulls for 20-30 years.

The Koupal catalog and supplement sheet are filled with data on each bull, including some impressive scan figures. This was an especially big, stout, and wide-made set of bulls.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 37, Koupal Juneau 797 28, a 1-15-12 son of Koupal Juneau 797. The mother of this bull, Koupal Ebonette 734, is one of the top cows in the Koupal herd. This bull was 66 pounds at birth, weaned at 714 pounds, and posted a 1244 pound yearling weight. His EPDs were CED 13, BW -0.5, WW 63, YW 120 and MILK 26. This bull was admired by many and, at $37,000, this bull sold to Lindskov-Thiel, Isabel, SD, and Genex, Shawano, WI.

Curt Miller, Draper, SD, was pleased with the look of Lot 8, Koupals B&B Identity 2035, and paid $18,000 to add him to his herd. This 1-9-12 son of Koupals B&B Identity was out of a daughter of Koupals B&B Infocus 6042. Born at 85 pounds, he weaned at 800 pounds, and had a 1466 pound yearling weight. His REA was 15.4 sq. in., and his EPDs were BW 4, WW 63, YW 126 and MILK 27.

Lot 12, Koupals B&B Identity 2069, sold for $14,500, to Semex Canada. This member of Koupal’s Denver pen was sired by Koupals B&B Identity, and out of a cow by SAV 5175 Bando 4597. With a 74 pound birth weight, he weaned at 774 pounds, and had a yearling weight of 1444 pounds. He had a 15.9 sq. in. REA and EPDs of CED 10, BW 1.1, WW 68, YW 132 and MILK 31.

Another high seller was Lot 103, and this very complete beefy bull headed to Moore Angus, Artesian, SD. He hit the ground at 78 pounds, weaned at 818 pounds, and reached 1440 pounds as a yearling. He was sired by S Chisum 6175, and out of a daughter of SAV Pioneer 7301. This package was completed with EPDs of BW 4.0, WW 70, YW 122 and MILK 37.

Lot 3 – Koupals B&B Identity 2019, a 1-5-12 son of Koupals B&B Identity, to Derek and Dan Koupal, Dante, SD, for $13,000.

Lot 15 – Koupals B&B Identity 2085, a 1-19-12 son of Koupals B&B Identity, to Jim Vermeulen, Letcher, SD, for $12,000.

Lot 155 – Koupals B&B Marathon 202, a 12-21-11 son of Koupals B&B Marathon 8031 to Nold Angus, Onaka, SD, for $11,000.

Lot 7 – Koupals B&B Identity 2032, a 1-9-12 son of Koupals B&B Identity to John Christopher, Letcher, SD, for $10,500.

Lot 17 – Koupals B&B Identity 2091, a 1-20-12 son of Koupal Identity to Callies Angus, Howard, SD, for $10,000.

The bull sale stayed very competitive all the way to the end. Koupals also sold a very nice selection of heifers. They have a strong cow herd, so this is a good place to find quality replacement heifers.

The food was especially good, and most especially for us Bohemians!