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Leonard Wolfgram: Cow dogs and camp chores

The winter camp was in a pickle and the boys was tryin to figure it out

Why the cow dog run off to the ranch trackin’ him had left no doubt

Why he had abandoned them was any cowboy’s guess

They hurumphed and debated why this mutt turned down their largess

Gus told the boys, maybe we was workin’ him to hard

Doin’ dishes after a long days work and then standin’ herd night guard

Montana Bob said he thought the dog shouldn’t ta’ been left at camp alone

When the boys had been gone 3 days and nights on a party in some one horse town

Idaho Ike thought they wasn’t kind enough should’a fussed over him a whole lot more

Maybe scratched his belly let’m sleep inside and guard the latch string door

No one thought to ask the dog and I think they plain mistook him

“Cause doin’ the dishes took lots of lickin’……………………………..

The dog just couldn’t stand the cookin’!