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Letter from NILE General Manager Justin Mills

While I am extremely pleased with what we have in store for the NILE Stock Show this year, in spite of the adjustments we’ve had to make due to the June tornado, in reality you will be very aware of a new layout to this year’s event. I have to commend both the staff and the board for quickly finding ways to accommodate this year’s NILE… and doing it effectively and efficiently.

Here are some of the major changes that you will notice for this year:

NILE Stock Show:

• All livestock will be stalled in the Montana Pavilion, Heritage Building and Sandstone Building.

• The Sale Arena and Preview Area will be located in the Sandstone Building.

• Tie-Outs will be located on the north side of the Heritage and Sandstone Buildings.

• No Pen Shows

• 50′ x 100′ Tent will be used for Show Ring located outside of Montana Pavilion.

Horse Events:

• All Horse Sales have been moved to the Expo Center Arena.

• Van Hargis clinic has been postponed one year, upon the request of NILE. Look for Van in 2011!

• Josh Bilbrey will be clinician for NILE Raffle Filly.

• Northern Range Roping Finals will be Oct. 15-16 in the Buckaroo Businesses Arena.

Western Expo:

• All Trade Show Booths and Entertainment Stage will be located in the remaining part of the Expo Center Large Bay and all of Expo Center Small Bay.

• We will again feature a free entertainment stage during the week as well as Dutch Oven Cooking.


• Arena will be located in the Expo Center with 4,000 seats.

• The NILE Ranch Rodeo Finals have been moved to Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010 at 7 p.m. in the Expo Center Arena. The Finals will consist of ten teams from across the region that qualified at sanctioned events through the summer.

• The PRCA Rodeo will be four performances: Oct. 13, 14, 15, and 16 starting at 7 p.m. each night. Brookman Rodeo is the primary contractor for 2010 and will be bringing in three additional contractors.

• Each night of the PRCA Rodeo will feature a Laser Light Show in the opening.

Hospitality Room:

• This year’s Member Hospitality Room will be located in the Grand Stands.

Currently we are working with Tractor and Equipment Company to provide heat in several of the buildings that are without, as well as additional electricity where needed.

Overall, I believe people will be very surprised at how well this year’s NILE will go. We have found new uses for buildings that we never imagined and in the long run I believe it will work exceptionally well.