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Letter to the Editor

Time to “think” democrats—

There were 3 Republican Presidents from 1921 through 1933.

In 1932 my dad had a good corn crop. Ear Corn sold at 4 cents a bushel and shelled corn for 2 cents a bushel.

Franklin Roosevelt was elected and enacted taxes.

Some farmers paid for their farms in one year with good prices. My dad lost his farm. My brother worked for WPA. His wages were $2.50 per day and $2.50 for the use of his horses.

Elm Lake Dam was built from which Aberdeen has received their water ever since.

Shelter belts were started by President Roosevelt. School gyms were built and CC Camps.

World War II was about to be won and Roosevelt planned to have an A Bomb dropped but he died before this happened. I had 3 brothers stationed in Japan at this time too.

Last November voters from across the nation voiced their disapproval of the status quo. Of particular offence was the state of the economy, including an out of control national debt and deficit.

The lion’s share of the blame was laid at the feet of President Obama and Congressional Democrats. But skyrocketing debt and deficits are not a new phenomenon. Consider the following: Republicans added 748 trillion to the national debt!

In the ’30s, older people were committing suicide, due to lack of money. It was then that FDR started Social Security.

Charles Hart

Aberdeen, S.D.

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