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Letter to the editor: Land grab

It is an Abuse of Power. Congress needs to investigate not only the property rights abuse of the Clive Bundy family’s cattle and property but the violation of due process rights in how the Bureau of Land Management declared this land an Endangered Species Protected Area. The Feds killed the cattle in violation of the Court Order, attempted to cover up their acts by dumping the carcasses into pits and covering them with dirt and shot holes in water tanks and destroyed water lines and fences. This kind of activity is illegal and in clear violation of the court order that empowered the BLM’s actions! More importantly, why was this attack on the Bundy’s ranch “necessary?” Where is the E.P.A. report to validate the criminal behavior of the Bureau’s 200 agents and snipers? Has this siege taken place on land in which Harry Reid and his son Rory have a personal financial interest… where they want to build a $5 Billion ENN Chinese-backed solar farm? Did the BLM have public hearings on the proper use of this land and did these hearings include not just turtles or cattle considerations but solar farm usage? Evidence will show that this is an Eminent Domain issue and a clear abuse of the Takings Clause of the Constitution! Law makers can’t stay silent on this! They have to aggressively intervene here to STOP this ABUSE OF POWER!

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