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Letter to the editor: ‘No sale’ these cheap offers

In response to the opinion article, “Hay Fever: Sun shining on buyers in the hay market” by Maria Tussing (Tri-State Livestock News, August 25, 2014).

There is an optical perception problem and unscrupulous hay brokers are taking advantage of uninformed hay sellers.

I have produced hay for thirty years and this year is one of the worst for taking advantage of hay sellers during hay harvest (summer selling). It is a supply and demand economics situation. If sellers refuse to sell below cost, prices will rise. In addition, when available supply decreases in winter months, prices will rise.

Even now, parts of the country are short of special high quality hay. Hay acres are down in large portions of the country as farmers chase the corn and bean market.

Uninformed hay growers and unscrupulous hay brokers make an irrational market. We do not need to exaggerate the cheap hay market perception.

“No Sale” these cheap offers.

Chuck Noble

31878 -270th Street, Winner, SD 57580

Phone: (605) 842-1452

Email: elias.chuck.noble@gmail.com

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