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Letter to the Editor: Roll-over auctions a success

Dear Editors,

We are over $400,000 in funds raised so far! We have three sales yet to get numbers on. It is amazing the support we are getting from across the entire mid-west/west. Checks are showing up out of the blue at my office from people that read your article or others because they couldn’t make it to a sale. Some ranchers decided to send cash vs. livestock as it is a more efficient way to give. It has been a rewarding mission for all involved. We hope to make the donation in the next 10 days to the Rancher Relief fund so the money can be put to its intended use, helping those ranch families devastated by the early blizzard.

I really want to thank all the sale barns and donors for their support and thanks for all your support, too.

Shawn Rost

First Interstate Bank

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