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Letter to the Editor: SDCA talks about COOL

I want to express my appreciation for the reporting done on behalf of the Tri-State Livestock News in the Aug. 2, 2014 issue with Jeff Smeenk regarding MCOOL. Smeenk set the record straight for the SDCA when he expressed his concern about added costs and trade disruptions and that MCOOL is NOT a consumer health issue. I am one producer that would like to thank SDCA for finally taking a stand against MCOOL. Don’t get me wrong, I am 110 percent behind MCOOL and believe it is a consumer health issue and not one bit concerned about added costs or trade disruptions. I am just glad that SDCA made a statement of where there organization stands, we don’t need fence riders speaking for us in the cattle business if we are to survive.

Through out the years of getting MCOOL implemented I have never seen SDCA take a stand for or against this issue until now. I know that the National Cattleman’s Beef Association (NCBA) has a long history against MCOOL yet they are 100 percent behind a USA label for beef in the overseas market. I’m almost positive that any SDCA/NCBA member would be proud to have their picture taken along side some labeled USA beef in a Japanese grocery store. Our check-off dollars can and do advertise USA BEEF in other countries, but CANNOT advertise USA BEEF in the USA! Un-believable but true.

I believe that the super majority of South Dakotans, as well as all Americans, are more concerned about getting a USA made product of any kind, especially food. I will stand with the USA consumers and I will thank SDCA for finally letting cattle producers and consumers know they do not support MCOOL.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to “Keeping COOL” from the Aug. 2, edition of Tri-State Livestock News. Some of the comments made by Smeenk were in regard to SDCA’s policy and some were his opinions.

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