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Letter to the Editor: What I saw today…

We sorted all day with a big crew and got well over a thousand back where they belonged. The only problem was there should have been a whole lot more.

Sorry, I wrote 6 paragraphs about what I saw today and then deleted them.

What I really saw today was a group of great cattlemen (and women) who worked their [butts] off all day to get the job done and never once got on the grouch. At the end we had 15 riders who went and raised a glass to life on the Northern Plains. I couldn’t be prouder of the people I worked with today. Twenty miles in both directions and just like I did, showed up to help just because. Life is good and today I worked with some of the greatest people in the world. I wouldn’t wish today on my worst enemy but I was a part of something that few will ever expierience.

Character is not formed when you are walking on the mountaintops among the roses but on the valleys it takes to get to them.

By Doug Thorson