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Letter to the Editor

Sorry folks but don’t use twitter, Facebook.

Mr. Pitts must think he’s a real humorist. Really Obama cow. Mr. Pitts obviously is of that coalition of right wing nuts that thinks they can look politically intelligent by coming up with something on the par of a third grade report.

Why is it that logic doesn’t apply to these editorial articles? Is it because anything that might help out people in the middle class just isn’t good for the country. Maybe Mr. Pitts could tell me if he ever bought a new pickup and didn’t have to have insurance? Did you ever buy a home and not have to have insurance. Would it not be wise to insure the one thing that has the ability to wipe out your whole life savings or deprive you of the one thing we value the most. Good health. I’m no kid , but I as a fourth generation Dakotan can tell you this. For as long as I can remember, a big subject around our house was big insurance and how to afford it. If they would approve a medical procedure or can we afford the prescriptions. Tell me Mr. Pitts, how many farms and ranches have to have the wife get a job in town just so they could afford the insurance? Also the fact that they have enough to do as a Ag wife , mother and part time ranch hand.

As for your fondness of the Bush years, that was a time when we felt really lucky if we could get anything even close to a dollar pound for our calves. When wheat would barely pay for the expenses to produce it. When the markets went into a nose dive and home owners lost their homes. Corporations made their own rules and outsourced anything they wanted to with little regard for needed jobs in this country. Lets not forget two wars that sent thousands of our children to their graves or a lifetime of invalid impairment. Do you still see the humor in your article. Or like so many tea party lovers like you with a comeback of I didn’t mean it that way. Writers like you are a dime a dozen. It’s easier to bash something than the possibility of if your congress rep would help to fill the potholes and make it better. Heaven forbid that should happen. Now up to date. We have a president that is trying to help the middle class and unlike so many of your mind like on the right. Trying to invest in the country to help create jobs. Trying to keep us out of wars that unlike your hawk buddies could care less if our children have to die for countries that have been at war for thousands of years. You mention I guess immigration reform, that would address many of these problems that have been left to smolder. Who put the brakes on that? Tell me? More than likely, like so many of us for years have gotten our political savvy at the local barber shop , feed store or FOX? There are not many papers or journalist in this state that will tell it like it is. You want to take the country back. To what!

Thank you for your attention. I’ll stick with Alan Guebert. He’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

Larry D Wilson




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