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Lewis Bros. Annual Bull Sale

Jerry Hammerquist, Caputa, S.D., purchased 72 for $12,000.

Date: February 20, 2014

Location: St. Ongs Livestock St. Onge, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

Reported by: Paul Griemsman


88 Yearling Angus bulls – $8,514

12 Fall Angus bulls – $8,417

20 Open Angus heifers – $2,600

St. Onge sale barn was standing room only. From the start to finish there were anxious bidders. With all 112 bulls being sold, many cattle producers were still left desperate to take home Lewis Brothers genetics. It was a great sale that highlighted what a good year it has been for the cattle industry.

Lewis Bros. is owned and operated by Jesse and Kathy Lewis and family, and Dan and Amy Lewis and family. This was their 35th annual sale and with years of experience comes a great set of uniform bulls. Lewis Bros. have found out over the years that their cow herd makes the difference in their genetic decisions and by culling extremely hard, that has provided to be a great success for their buyers.

They take their customers serious as they look down the road. A rancher needs that cow to raise a calf on her own and that is what the Lewis cows do. These cattle are highly productive and efficient, deep sided and easy fleshing, raising a heavy and uniform calf crop year in and year out. These bulls would fit any purebred or commercial operation. And what another great Angus bull sale.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 1, DL Solution 44 selling for $38,000 to Stevenson Diamond Dot, Hobson, Montana. He is the son of KG Solution 0018, born at 72 pounds with a 877 adj. 205 and 1,496 adj. 365 weight. His EPDs were BW -.4, WW +73, YW +126, M +32 and $B +125.33

Lot 24 sold for $35,000 to TJ Wesley, Oshoto, Wyoming. Lot 24 Lewis In Focus 354 sired by Mytty In Focus, his EPDs were BW +2.5, WW +52, YW +92, M +28 and $B +85. Birthweight at 84 pounds with a 734 adj. 205 and 1,264 adj. 365 weight.

Mangen Angus Ranch, Broadus, Montana, paid $31,000 for DL Consensus 254, lot 44. A son of Connealy Consensus 7229 with a birth weight of 71 pounds and a 892 adj. 205 and 1,569 adj. 365 weight. His EPD’s were BW +0, WW +64, YW +101, M +32 and $B +103.32

Top selling fall bull of the day was Lot 91, DL Consensus 1983 selling for $15,000 to Gary or Sharon Romey, Hot Springs, South Dakota. He is the son of Connealy Consensus 7229, born at 70 pounds with a 822 adj. 205 and 1438 adj. 365 weight. His EPD’s were BW +2.3, WW +61, YW +107, M +32 and $B +105.56

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