Lisco & M Diamond 17th Annual Production Sale – Drive to Thrive |

Lisco & M Diamond 17th Annual Production Sale – Drive to Thrive

Lot 1, Lisco Final Answer 802, was the top seller of the day, bringing $5,500.
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Dick Lisco of Lisco Angus and Brad Boner of M Diamond Angus hosted a somewhat smaller crowd after a big winter storm had hit the area. These cattle are bred for the tough Wyoming environment, and they’ve certainly passed the test with these past few weeks of winter snows.

These programs pay attention to breeding better females – cows with body and excellent udders. They demand that their cows utilize the available forage and convert it efficiently in order to be bred back on time. Emphasis is placed on the convenience traits (those not measured by EPDs) – fertility, fleshing ability, mothering ability, udder quality, disposition, and structural soundness.

There were several calving ease bulls in this sale that were readily swept up by this crowd. The sale moved along at a very rapid pace.

The top selling bull of the day was Lot 1, selling for $5,500 to Marcy Cattle Company from Nebraska. He was Lisco Final Answer 802, a son of SAV Final Answer, and out of a daughter of Baldridge Nebraska 901, who had ratioed 105 on three calves. His numbers included a 75 pound birth weight, weaning at 659 pounds, and a sale day weight of 1,290 pounds. He had a 39 cm. scrotal to go with EPDs of +11 CED, -0.8 BW, +47 WW, +19 Milk, and +86 YW. He is a calving ease herd sire prospect that you should hear more about!

Medicine Rock Ranch from Montana chose a new herd bull in Lot 19 for $5,000. He was M Diamond Travelin Man 618, a son of GDAR Traveler 044, and out of a daughter (who had ratioed 3/106) of Sitz Alliance 6595. This stout made bull had a lot of rib and should sire an excellent set of daughters. He weaned at 719 pounds and had a sale day weight of 1,260 pounds to go with a scrotal of 37 cm. His EPDs were +6 CED, +3.4 BW, +46 WW, +21 Milk, +87 YW, and his REA was 12.1 sq. in.

Lot 10 was another outstanding Angus bull, selling for $4,100 to the Nine Mile Ranch from Wyoming. He was a son of OCC Emblazon 854E, and out of a daughter of Sitz Traveler 043. He hit the ground at 83 pounds, weaned at 736 pounds and posted a sale day weight of 1,240 pounds. Scanning a 13.4 sq. in rib eye, he had a 39 cm. scrotal. His EPDs included +1.3 BW, +45 WW, +15 Milk, and +71 YW.

Vollman Ranches from Wyoming bought Lot 39 at $4,000. This son of M Diamond Omaha 494 was out of a daughter of SAF Focus of ER. He was a “sleep all night” heifer bull with a 75 pound birth weight and EPDs of +11 CED, -1.1 BW, +36 WW, +21 Milk, and +78 YW.

Both ranches offered some beautiful commercial females with a nice set of open heifers, and some excellent young pairs with big stout calves.

A great day and a great sale for two good guys!

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