Lisco & M Diamond 19th Annual Angus Range Bull Sale |

Lisco & M Diamond 19th Annual Angus Range Bull Sale

Dan Piroutek & Scott Dirk

Ken Cook of Oxbow Ranch from Wolf Creek, MT, bought the top bull for $9,500.

Lisco Angus and M Diamond Angus, owned by Dick Lisco and Brad Boner and their families, hosted a big crowd for their annual production sale. These two firms have the same breeding philosophy: with only limited inputs, they raise cattle that thrive under tough Wyoming range conditions. Their goal is to raise a better female that can survive on pasture, breed back and still bring in a big calf every year. Some of their cattle’s strongest traits are not measured by EPDs, but are measured deemed economical in both time and finances. They excel in fertility, fleshing ability, mothering ability, udder quality, disposition and structural soundness.

This year’s set of bulls was perhaps the stoutest set that these two firms have ever put together. The weather on sale day was good, but on the trip home through the Black Hills and South Dakota prairie I encountered fog and freezing mist, which was a little much.

The top-selling bull of the day was Lot 12, M Diamond Freightliner 170, a son of Connealy Freightliner out of a daughter of Sitz Alliance 6595 who had ratioed 108 on three calves. This was a herd bull, and he sold to the good Angus herd of the Ox Bow Ranch from Wolf Creek, MT. He had EPDs of CED +4 , BW +3.1, WW +47, Milk +24 and YW +92. At $9,500, this bull was long, thick and stout-made in a very balanced package. He weighed in at 1330 lbs., and had a 38-cm scrotal measurement.

The Moore Ranch from Wyoming chose Lot 11 at $6,250. This son of Connealy Freightliner was out of an Alliance daughter. He had an 81-lb. birth weight and weaned at 654 lbs. His EPDs were CED +8, BW +0.9, WW +42, Milk +20 and YW +79.

The two-year-old bull, Lot 89, sold for $6,000 to the Scott Ranch from Wyoming. With an 80-lb. birth weight, he was sired by SAV Final Answer 0035 out of a daughter of SAF 598 Bando 5175. After weaning at 700 lbs., he posted a sale day weight of 1,850 lbs. and a 42-cm scrotal measurement.

Lucky Seven Angus Ranch from Riverton, WY, bought Lot 37 at $6,000. He was a son of GDAR Traveler 044 out of an Alliance daughter who had ratioed 106 on four calves. Born at 93 lbs., he weaned at 756 lbs. and had a sale day weight of 1,355 lbs. His EPDs included CED +3, BW +3.5, WW +48, Milk +21 and YW +87.

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Lot 27, a son of Marcys 07 Broadside 1-7, sold for $5,900 to the Whisler Ranch from Wyoming. He had a 70-lb. birth weight and a whopping weaning weight of 817 lbs.

The commercial female portion of the sale was especially strong. Congratulations to two of the good guys in the business!