Lisco & M Diamond Angus 29th Annual Bull Sale |

Lisco & M Diamond Angus 29th Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Name of Sale

Date of Sale: 03/26/2021

Location: M Diamond Angus Ranch, Glenrock, WY

Auctioneer: Lex Madden

Sales Manager: Marcy Livestock Services


73 Yearling bulls – Avg. $4,457

7 Summer Yearling bulls – Avg. $3,821

7 Two Year Old bulls – Avg. $6,321

30 Commercial Yearling Heifers – Avg. $1,025/hd

26 Young Commercial Pairs – Avg. $1,825/hd

Lisco Angus & M Diamond Angus held their production sale at the M Diamond Ranch near Glenrock, WY. This was the 29th annual sale for the Lisco and Boner families. These cow herds are born and bred to thrive in the tough range conditions common in Wyoming. The bulls are not pushed and are in great sale condition.

A few feet of heavy wet snow the week before the Lisco Angus & M Diamond Angus bull sale really helped spark some enthusiasm and perk up the spirits of ranchers in central Wyoming.

Sale highlights include:

Lot 2 – M Diamond Coalition, 2/20/2020 son of U-2 Coalition 206C x S Summit 4535 at $14,500 to Kraye Angus, Mullen, NE.

Lot 1 – Lisco HA Cowboy Way 018, 2/17/2020 son of HA Cowboy Up 5405 x Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V for $10,000 to Bridle Bit Ranch, Wright, WY.

Lot 9 – M Diamond 20 Coalition 60-0, 3/17/2020 son of U-2 Coalition 206C x Redland Eblazon 2021 at $9,000 to TJ Livestock, Douglas, WY.

Lot 28 – M Diamond Trendspotter 070, 1/24/2020 son of Brooking Trendspotter 6166 x Young Dale Xclusive 25X, $9,000 to TJ Livestock, Douglas, WY.

Lot 56 – Lisco 7102 Cowboy 9127, 2/25/2019 son of OCC Montana Cowboy 7102 x S Summit 956 selling at $9,000 to Scott Ranches, Douglas, WY.

Dick Lisco and Brad Boner at the 29th Annual Lisco & M Diamond Angus Bull Sale.

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