Littau Angus Annual Production Sale |

Littau Angus Annual Production Sale

The next generation of ranchers show the docility of the Littau Angus bulls.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 31, 2020

Location: Sale held at the ranch, near Carter, SD

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar


95 Yearling bulls – $3,894

Over 60 years of breeding was represented at the annual Littau Angus Production sale held at the ranch near Carter, SD. Brothers Leroy and Bob Littau and their families welcomed a smaller but very active bidding crowd for their sale. Bidders were also represented by proxy bids and internet bidding.

The top selling bull was lot 075, LAR Top Cut 075G, 1/19 son of Bruns Top Cut 373 x LAR Alliance 64L, epds CED 7 BW 3.1 WW 84 YW 165 Milk 32 to Ma & Pa Angus, Presho, SD for $14,500.

Lot 506, LAR Windy 024 506G, 1/19 son of LAR Windy 409 024B x LAR Really Windy 783C, epds CED 10 BW 0.5 WW 50 YW 95 Milk 21 to Mike Novotny, Winner, SD for $10,000.

Lot 072, LAR Top Cut 072G, 1/19 son of Bruns Top Cut 373 x S Chisum 6175, epds CED 10 BW 1.1 WW 78 YW 136 Milk 30 to Duane Lunne, Dallas, SD for $9,500.

Lot 922, LAR Top Cut 922G, 1/19 son of Bruns Top Cut 373 x Hra Emblazon 930, epds CED 6 BW 3.3 WW 80 YW 142 Milk 31 to Duane Lunne, Dallas, SD for $9,500.

Lot 889, LAR Excitement 889G, 2/19 son of Basin Excitement x Sitz Rainmaker 373X, epds CED 6 BW 2.6 WW 71 YW 127 Milk 28 to Dexter Black, Spencer, NE for $8,500.

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