Livestock and Horse Kids Compete At Black Hills Stock Show Youth Day |

Livestock and Horse Kids Compete At Black Hills Stock Show Youth Day

Courtesy photo Junior individual Livestockology winners (from left): 1st Mary Nold; 2nd Emily Ketteler and Will Kessler.
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During the Black Hills Stock Show Youth Day, South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana youth competed in various livestock and horse events including: livestock judging, livestockology, beef cook-off, hippology, and horse quiz bowl.

Area volunteers, South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension staff and SDSU students helped organize and run the event as part of the Black Hills Stock Show activities. This event was a great opportunity for youth to interact with area youth and learn more about the livestock industry.

More than 100 youth participated in the livestock judging contest where they evaluated beef cattle, hogs, and breeding sheep classes. South Dakota State University’s 2010 Livestock Evaluation Team was on hand to officiate the contest and provide guidance during reasons to help youth build stronger reasons skills.

Top three individuals in beginner, junior, and senior age groups were awarded prizes sponsored by the Black Hills Stock Show. Awards were as followed:


1) Morgan Edmund, Sioux, NE

2) Clark Riesen, Dawes, NE

3) Shyanne Howell, Butte, SD


1) Beau Jersild, Dawes, NE

2) Abby Dyer, Crawford, NE

3) Sawyer Naasz, Brule, SD


1) Meghan Brence, Custer, MT

2) Emily Ketteler, Hughes, SD

3) Amanda Kammerer, Meade, SD

Youth competed on teams within the Livestockology contest to showcase and test their knowledge of livestock sciences and husbandry.

Teams worked together solving written problems and creating oral presentations. Youth also completed lab stations of wool evaluation, beef retail cuts, swine breeds, range plant identification, pest management, and recognized different feed sources.

Top individuals and teams were recognized as followed:


1) Emily Ketteler, Hughes County, SD

2) Sam Haigh, Haakon-Jackson County, SD

3) Seth Haigh, Haakon-Jackson County, SD

Senior Team:

1) Haakon-Jackson County, SD

2) Hughes County, SD

3) Bennett County, SD


1) Mary Nold, Brookings County, SD

2) Haley Ketteler, Hughes County, SD

3) Will Kessler, Hughes County, SD

Junior Team:

1) Hughes County

2) Brookings-Grant County

3) Carter County

This year’s Beef Cook-Off winners were:


Abby Moon, Pennington County, SD


Kadon Leddy, Grant County, SD


Becki Frybarger, Custer County, SD

Youth created their own dishes utilizing beef as the main ingredient. Winners of the Beef Cook-Off received awards sponsored by the BHSS along with the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and the Western Buffalo Company of Rapid City. This year’s winners will be eligible to be junior judges for next year’s competition.

Youth who took part in the Hippology contest completed a written exam, identification stations and worked in teams to complete oral and written problems about the horse industry. The SDSU Horse Club was on hand to help assist youth through the contest and help teach the participants the importance of good horsemanship.

Top individuals recognized were:

Senior Division:

1) Ashley Currence, Roberts County, SD

2) Sentel Johnson, Butte-Lawrence County, SD

Senior Team:

1) Murray County, SD

Junior Division:

1) Chippewa County, MN

2) Mary Nold, Hughes County, SD

3) Sarah Vos, Pennington County, SD

Juinior Team:

1) Chippewa County, MN

2) Hughes County, SD

3) Pennington County, SD

Twenty teams were represented in the Horse Quiz Bowl Contest where Chippewa County, MN, took home top honors. The Reserve Champion team was Sargent County, ND.

Top three individuals were:

1) Josh Johnson, Chippewa County, MN

2) Camille Lynn, Pipestone County, MN

3) Jenny Sievert, Hutchinson County, SD

Congratulations to all the participants in this year’s Youth Day and Thank You to all the volunteers who helped make this event possible.

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