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LMA Missing Livestock

NEW JERSEY – February 23, 2016 — Patrick Duddy, 973-222-1788

23 head of cattle: 9 open registered Hereford cows, 3 were heifers, rest average 5 year old cows, had tattoos and tags that matched and were high fleshed, show cattle; 14 600 pound black white faced steer calves green tag right ear. Sold but the check was no good. Can’t track the person down. New Jersey State Police have been contacted. Truck and person were from Massachusetts.

TENNESSEE (McMinnville) – February 27, 2015 — 931-247-4427

2 purebred Brangus cows; 4 year old and 2 year old had grey or blonde streaks in tail; one had tag in each ear, one had tag one ear; purple fly tags, tattoo in left ear; no brands; solid black

OKLAHOMA (Canadian County) – February 23, 2016 — Oklahoma Dept of Ag, 405-850-8292

Canadian County, 2/23/2016 – 8 bred black Angus cows (approximately 8 months pregnant), approximately 1100 pounds, R1 brand some on left hip, some on left shoulder, tags in left ear.

Pontotoc County, 1/1/2016 – 7 head cattle: 3 black heavy bred cows, white tags #91, #77, #15; 2 white heavy bred cows, red tags #114, #565, possible broken arrow brand on left hip; 1 black motley heavy bred cow, orange tag #27; 1 6 year old black bull, white tag #8; all tags in left ears.

KANSAS (Marion County) — 2/17/2016 — Kansas Brand Recorder, 785-564-6609

4 calves, black, 700-800 pounds, lower notch in left ear, blue tag in left ear with # from 4000 to 5100; also has letter or # above this; KL connected brand left hip

WYOMING — Wyoming Livestock Board, 307-750-2783

Wright, 12/22/2015 – 2 black Angus heifers, 900 pounds, 2 years old, branded with a quarter circle M quarter circle on the left rib

Natrona County, 11/2015 – 4 head cattle: 3 heifers with pink ear tags, # brand on left hip (440, 410, 442); 1 cow, quarter circle over X and reverse E connected to H under Bar on left side

Campbell County, 11/2015 – 10 heifers, black Angus; six 2 years and four yearlings, heart brand on left hip

CALIFORNIA — California Dept of Ag, 916-900-5006

Please see the website for a PDF of all livestock reports.

COLORADO – Colorado Brand Board, 303-869-9160

–Livestock Marketing Association

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