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Lot 1 Hereford female tops National Western Stock Show sale at $80,000

KJ BJ DWE 686Z Salsa 364C ET and Hereford youth heated up the Mile High Night Sale Friday, Jan. 15 in Denver. Stadium Arena was on fire with Hereford enthusiasm as the Lot 1 “Salsa” female entered the sale ring and topped the event at $80,000.

The Lot 1 Foundation Female has been highlighting the national Hereford sale in Denver the past eight years with a total of $615,000 being raised to support the Hereford Youth Foundation of America’s (HYFA) mission, which recognizes and rewards the development of life skills and values in the next generation.

Salsa was purchased by Jonny and Toni Harris, Winton Jr. Harris, and Oscar I. Harris from Screven, Ga., in memory of Winton C. and Emily Harris; C&L Ranch, the Steve and Jill Folkman family, Ixonia, Wis.; and RGR Cattle, Carlinville, Ill.

The female was donated by Dylan and Chelsea Evans, Lebo, Kan.; and Kevin, Sheila, Brady, Brooke and Ben Jensen. She is a March 29, 2015, daughter of CRR 719 Catapult 109 and out of KJ 968R Zsa Zsa 686Z ET by MSU TCF Revolution 4R. After the sale on Friday night, Salsa went on to win her class in the national Hereford show and was competitive in the spring heifer calf division.

“As I reflect back on what the Lot 1 female means to HYFA and what we have accomplished with this program in eight short years, I can’t help but be super excited about what the future has in store for young Hereford leaders as we work to provide education, scholarship and leadership opportunities for them,” says Amy Cowan, director of youth activities and foundation for the American Hereford Association. “Building future leaders is what the foundation is all about and this year’s Lot 1 story is such a great example of families giving back and more importantly what the foundation stands for. We couldn’t do what we do without donors like the Jensen and Evans families and the Salsa buyers group who stepped up to give back and to make a difference in our Hereford youth program.”

HYFA is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit. Its mission is to support scholarship, education and leadership activities within the Hereford breed. For more information about the HYFA, contact the Amy Cowan at 816-842-3757 or acowan@hereford.org.

–American Hereford Association