MacDonald Ranches Performance Power 2023 Sale |

MacDonald Ranches Performance Power 2023 Sale

TSLN Rep: Kelly Klein

Date of Sale: March 14, 2023

Location: Mandan ND

Auctioneer: Al Conover

158 Yearling Bulls $5,837

14 Yearling Heifers $3,143

102 Bred Females $2,590

The MacDonald family held their 52nd annual production sale March 14, 2023, at Kist Livestock in Mandan. In the offering was 274 top quality Saler, Optimizer and Angus bulls and females. MacDonald Ranches is the nations #1 breeder of Salers carcass trait leaders.

Congratulations on a terrific sale.


Lot 113 $16,000, MAC KUBOTA 335K, 3-15-22, son of MAC F1 FREEDOM 150F X MAC GEORGINE 247G, to Larry Jones, Keene, ND.

Lot 86 $12,000, MAC KALVIN 115K, 2-13-22, son of MAC NAVIGATOR 281N X MAC HEIDI 130H, to Wilson Cliffton, Keremeos, BC CA.

Lot 132 $12,000, MAC KADOKA 25K, 2-1-22, son of MAC CONNOR 7C X MAC HOPE 29H, to Jim LeRoy, Underwood, ND.

Lot 27 $11,000, MAC KILOWATT 127K, 2-15-22, son of MAC ANDERS 29A X MAC BRIGHT JEWEL 138B, to Burkle Farms, Fredonia, ND.

Lot 17 $10,000, MAC KILOTON 89K, 2-8-22, son of MAC ATOMIC FORCE 36A X MAC ZORA 212Z, to Jason Leiseth, Arnegard, ND.

Lot 134 $10,000, MAC KYREE 83K, 2-7-22, son of MAC CONNOR 7C X MAC F1 HAYLIE 59H, to Bob Steffan, Dickinson, ND.

Lot 152 $10,000, MAC KYLEN 167K, 2-23-22, son of MAC YAMANCHIE 12Y X MAC FELISHA 94F, to Tim Erbele, Streeter, ND.

Lot 71 $10,000 MAC KANDIYOHI 417K, 3-22-22, son of ECR FIRST STEP 843F X MAC BELA 376B, to Ashley Farms, Voltaire, ND.

Lot 4 $10,000 MAC KEYWORD 130K, 2-16-22, son of MAC CONNOR 7C X MAC HELGA 541H, to Larry Jones Keene, ND.

TOP SELLING FEMALE Lot 201 MAC KELLY 9K, 1-30-22, daughter of MAC CONNOR 7C X MAC F1 HAYLEE 261H, to Elm Creek Salers, Hebron. ND.

Will MacDonald and Al Conover give the opening statements


The Sandlands from Mclaughlin SD purchased MacDonald bulls and females

Bob Steffan From Dickinson ND bought a couple front end bulls