Managing beetle kill: Cutting, chunking deadline |

Managing beetle kill: Cutting, chunking deadline

March 1 is the deadline to kill mountain pine beetles through the cut and chunk method, according to state forest health program specialist Brian Garbisch.

“After that date, there is no longer enough time for the tissue under the bark to dry out and degrade,” he said. “The beetles will mature and fly to other trees.”

Cutting and peeling, cutting and wrapping, or cutting and chipping infested trees will be effective until May 1. If hauling to a sawmill is an option, landowners should try to have that done by June 1.

State crews finished surveying and marking mountain pine beetle infested trees on private land Jan. 10.

The crews surveyed over 44,000 acres and marked over 80,000 trees on private land throughout the Black Hills.

Landowners who have not had their property surveyed can identify infested trees themselves with help from or the Resource Conservation and Forestry office at 605.394.2395.

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