March missing & stolen report |

March missing & stolen report

The South Dakota Brand Board will pay up to $5,000 reward to any person who provides information leading to the conviction of any person for the crime of stealing livestock which are branded with a registered brand with the board. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Shelly Lockhart is missing three beef cross yearlings from Fall River County south of Hot Springs. They weigh about 500 lbs and 2 are black heifers and one is a red bull. No brand. Contact Shelly Lockhart, Hot Springs, South Dakota, (605) 890-0066.

Found one calf in Trip County. Call the South Dakota Brand Board for more information, 1-877-574-0054.

South Dakota law requires a permit to be obtained prior to bringing cattle, for grazing or feeding purposes, into the ownership inspection area which are branded with a brand registered in another state. Applications to Import Branded Cattle can be found on our website – click on Brand Laws. You may also contact the South Dakota Brand Board at 605 773 3324 to obtain an application. This helps us return strays and protects all producers. Failure to comply is a class one misdemeanor.

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