Marcy Cattle Co. 50th Angus Bull Sale |

Marcy Cattle Co. 50th Angus Bull Sale

Congratulations to the Marcy family on their 50th bull sale. Marcy Cattle Company, owned by Tom and George Marcy and their families, hosted perhaps their biggest crowd ever for their annual production sale at Gordon Livestock. It was a beautiful day filled with sunshine, and that helped add to this big crowd.

This sale offering was a deeper, heavier-made set of bulls clear to the end of the sale offering. The sale was really strong all the way through, with three and four bidders going after the same bull in the last pens.

The Marcy philosophy is to breed cattle that are deep-ribbed and easy fleshing. The females are highly fertile with excellent udders. These cattle will continue to perform in the feedlot, with a carcass that commands a premium.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 8, selling for $8,250 to the Stoddard Ranch from Wyoming. This was a big, stout two-year-old bull that was pictured in the catalog. This son of Redland Emblazon 2021 was out of a daughter of Traveler 004 who had ratioed 107 on two calves. This big, thick bull started with a 78-lb. birth weight and weaned at 730-lbs. On sale day he weighed in at 1,795 lbs., and had EPDs of +0.6 BW, +51 WW, +21 MILK and +91 YW.

The Lot 70 yearling bull also sold to Stoddard Ranch at $8,000. This bull was sired by the new resident herd bull at Marcy’s called Lisco No Question 802 (a son of Final Answer). This calf was out of a first-calf heifer by Simonson Front Page and was the heaviest weaning weight bull of his sire group. He posted EPDs of +1.0 BW, +54 WW, +21 MILK and +92 YW. He had only a 78-lb. birth weight and weighed in at 1,225 lbs. on sale day.

The Lot 6 bull was another outstanding two-year-old bull, sired by Marcys 07 Broadband 1-7. He had only a 73-lb. birthweight and a weaning weight of 773 lbs. Here was a really long, high performance bull with a sale day weight of 1,765 lbs. He also sold to the Stoddard Ranch when the gavel fell at $7,750.

All in all it was a great day to commemorate the Marcy Cattle Company’s 50th bull sale. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Kim Marcy and her crew for their tremendous hospitality before and after the sale. Folks, you cannot have a better noon meal, as well as hors d’oeuvres and drinks afterward.

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