Marcy Cattle Co. – "Deep-Ribbed, Fertile, Easy-Fleshing Cowmakers" – 49th Annual Sale |

Marcy Cattle Co. – "Deep-Ribbed, Fertile, Easy-Fleshing Cowmakers" – 49th Annual Sale

A very large crowd turned out Jan. 28 for the Marcy Cattle Co. 49th annual sale.

An extra big crowd gathered for the Marcy Cattle Company’s 49th annual sale. Marcy Cattle Co. is owned by Tom and George Marcy and their families, and they have built a reputation for providing cowmen’s kind of bulls that are a great fit for the Nebraska Sand Hills. These are not little cattle, but they are thick-made, with a lot of depth of rib and muscle. They have built one of the really outstanding Angus cow herds in America, and they want their cattle to be problem free, and easy to raise.

Most of these bulls sell every year to a high percentage of repeat buyers – who appreciate these cattle that can convert roughage into beef at a most efficient and profitable level.

This year’s crop of bulls showed an extra shot of growth and substance that was very well received by the big crowd. A very active, enthusiastic sale moved with a lot of momentum on a rather nice wintry day.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 138, a son of the home raised sire, Marcys 06112 2, and out of a daughter of Marcys Traveler 1148 who had ratioed 107 on five calves. This bull was long-bodied, with extra depth of rib, to go with a lot of eye appeal and width to his chest. His EPDs were +2.6 BW, +47 WW, +27 MILK, and +84 YW. Weaning at 794 pounds, he had an adjusted yearling weight of 1,362 pounds. He measured a 38 cm scrotal, and a rib eye area of 13.9 sq. in. His IMF percentage was 5.80, and he sold for $6,500 to the Kaiser Ranch from Nebraska.

Dove Farms from Nebraska chose Lot 5, a big, strong two-year-old bull at $6,250. Here was a son of Redland Emblazon 2021 who was out of a daughter of McCumber 6122 Equator 8113. With an 83 pound birth weight, he weaned at 786 pounds, and weighed in at 1,720 pounds on sale day. He had a 40 cm. scrotal measurement.

The bred commercial females sold at very conservative prices, especially for the quality of these good females. The top draft sold for $1,175.

The pre-sale dinner and the post sale hors d’oeuvres are just extra good at Marcys. A good sale, good food, and a good day!

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