Marcy Cattle Co. "Quality Angus with Milk & Muscle" 47th Annual Sale |

Marcy Cattle Co. "Quality Angus with Milk & Muscle" 47th Annual Sale

Jan. 24, 2008

Gordon Livestock Auction, Gordon, NE

Craig Conover

34 two-year-old Angus bulls – $4,302; 105 yearling Angus bulls – $4,181; 139 total bulls – $4,211

Marcy Cattle Co., owned by Tom and George Marcy, and their families, gathered in a large crowd for their annual bull sale at Gordon Livestock. Many repeat buyers were on the seats and they bid very readily to purchase these good bulls. I personally felt that this was the thickest set of bulls that the Marcy’s had ever brought to town.

The Marcy cattle have been bred with the philosophy of making cows that are deep ribbed, easy fleshing, and highly fertile, with good udders – cattle with the ability to thrive under range conditions. Disposition, fertility, and cattle that can convert roughage into beef at the most efficient and profitable level are some of their top priorities.

This very active, enthusiastic sale moved with a lot of momentum. Not only were there many bidders on the seats, there was also active bidding over Superior Livestock Production. Superior’s live audio and pre-taped video of each bull was broadcast via satellite on RFD-TV.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 77-A, a February yearling by Redland Emblazon 2021. He was out of a daughter of RA Monarch who had ratioed 104 on six calves. This bull was very unique in its kind, being extra wide based and thick muscled throughout. His EPDs were +4.3 BW, +47 WW, +18 Milk, and +81 YW. His 365 day adjusted weight of 1,343 pounds was complimented with a scrotal of 37 cm. He sold to the good Angus herds of Lisco Angus and M Diamond Angus from Wyoming for $14,500.

Lisco Angus and M Diamond Angus also chose Lot 149 at $9,000. This son of Kahn Broadband RA 94 L was a calving ease herd bull prospect with EPDs of +0.7 BW, +55 WW, +26 Milk, and +87 YW. He had an actual birth weight of 74 pounds and weaned off at 771 pounds to ratio 111. This bull combines moderate birth weight, with tremendous muscle and performance. He is smooth and clean with tremendous length.

Forney Ranch from Nebraska bought Lot 66-A at $7,250. This April calf was a son of the new Marcy herd bull, Sitz Gumbo 7474, and out of a daughter of Alliance 6595. He weaned at 806 pounds and had an adjusted 365 day weight of 1,336 pounds, to go with a 38 cm. scrotal. A big day and a great sale! It was a great day for each of the customers who purchased one of these great Marcy bulls and for everyone who came to enjoy the day with the Marcy families. If you have never been to the Marcy sale, the noon meal and the “after sale” lunch are worth the trip.


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