Match Of Champions, Buckin’ H Bash, Cow horse clinic, N.D. Rodeo Hall Inductees |

Match Of Champions, Buckin’ H Bash, Cow horse clinic, N.D. Rodeo Hall Inductees

We’ve been getting some rain and the grass is growing nicely. Calving is about wound up too, so next comes fence and watergap fixing and getting pairs moved to fresh pasture. I wouldn’t mind the wind letting up for a bit. It went down in the night and I think I heard all the cows and horses fall over. They were all up when it got light enough to see, so I guess I’ll never know for sure.

As I’m writing this, it’s been nearly two weeks since the last case of EHV-1 in the region. Hopefully it has been stopped by the limiting of horse travel. I read today though that it’s not just the equids (horses, burros, mules, zebras) that can get EHV-1. It turns out that camelids like llamas and alpacas can also catch it. It seems odd that these two species would be able to have the same disease. Of course, I remember a horse I rode for a while that was built a little like a llama, and that limber necked sonofagun was a trick to ride. Not much handle.

The 21st Annual Casey Tibbs Match of Champions will be May 31 in Ft. Pierre, S.D., and will feature the top hands and stock in the business. Honorees at the event will be some great folks from my area! The Match of Champions is dedicated to long-time second-generation rancher and rodeo hand Jim Smeenk, Newell, S.D. Also honored will be two lovely ladies from St. Onge, S.D., Rose Ridley and Kim Ridley, for their many years of excellent service as secretaries and timers at rodeos. Jon Mattson, Deadwood, S.D., will be honorary chute boss at the match in honor of his years with the Days of ’76 Rodeo in Deadwood, S.D.. Congratulations to all.

Don’t forget, the first sanctioned Women’s Ranch Rodeo Association Buckin’ H Bash will be in Gillette, Wyo., at the Camplex on May 31-June 1. There will be an Open Stray Gathering too, so the guys can have some fun. For more info, call 307-751-3719.

Hall Performance Horses Advancing Cow Horse Fundamentals clinic will be June 7-8. It has limited enrollment and the cost is $300 with a $150 deposit to hold your spot. It will be at Kirk and Shelly Hall’s ranch five miles north of Edgemont, S.D. Call 605-431-3607 or check it out on Facebook at Hall Performance Horses. All levels are welcome, so should be a great time and educational experience for everyone that wants to get their horse started on cattle properly.

The 4th Annual Chris LeDoux Days Match Bronc and Match Bareback will be June 13-14 at Kaycee, Wyo. The Friday perf will be at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 1 pm. Besides the great rough stock action, Tomas Garcilazo will have his specialty act there featuring his incredible roping skills and his finely trained horses. An added bonus is that Chris’s band, Western Underground will be playing for a street dance at 6 pm.

The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame in Medora, N.D. will be inducting two cowboys at the June 21 ceremony. Wayne Herman, 1992 World Champion bareback rider and former PRCA bull rider, Jerry Weinberger, will be the honorees.

Another Women’s Ranch Rodeo Association (WRRA) ranch rodeo will be in Crawford, Neb. July 19-20. The Cowgirl Swank Classic will kick off each performance with an Open Stray Gathering at 1 pm. Entries are $50/team and you enter when you get there. Call Cheyenne Wilson at 605-891-1827 for further info.

The National Steer Roping Finals will be in Wichita, Kansas, in November. I remember going to the NSRF when it was still held in Laramie, Wyo., in the early ’80s. Laramie isn’t exactly known for predictable or mellow temps in the fall, so it was not a surprise to me that it snowed and the wind blew the first day, followed by sunshine and beautiful temps the second. I witnessed some Texans and Okies nearly winter kill that first day. It didn’t diminish the fun they were having, though I think they must have bought every winter coat and set of coveralls to be had in Laramie!

Remember to keep an eye out for signs of grass founder in your horses. The grass is sure coming on fast and horses are ripe for a bout of it. If they act tender in front or lay down a lot, get them off the grass and call your vet. Founder is really serious and can even lead to laminitis so severe that the horse has to be put down.

Be sure and send me your upcoming events, fundraisers, whatever, and I’ll be happy to share them here. Happy spring!