Math Farms Annual Production Sale |

Math Farms Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Nov. 25, 2019

Location: Glasgow Stockyards, Glasgow, MT

Auctioneer: Colonel Kyle Shobe


70 Coming Two Year Old Bulls – $3,525

49 Commercial Bred Heifers – $1,515

Bob and Rena Math, along with their family, offered a rugged and powerful set of bulls to the buyers in the seats at the Glasgow Stockyards on November 25, 2019. Everyone in attendance was served an excellent meal with a smile and a friendly hello. Many repeat buyers were in attendance along with some new faces in the crowd. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 18A at $7,500, MATH Country Road 9F; 3/23/18; SAV Country Road 5027 x CM Forever Lady 3601, Sold to Wade Keller, Worden, MT

Lot 1 at $6,000, MATH Rampage 20F; 3/27/18; Quaker Hill Rampage x CM Forever Lady, Sold to Hellies Inc., Whitewater, MT

Lot 8 at $5,000, MATH Net Worth 95F; 3/24/18; SAV Pedigree x SAV Polly 9946, Sold to South Fork Cattle LLP, Malta, MT

Lot 18 at $5,000, MATH Country Road 105F; 3/17/18; SAV Country Road x RMF Blackcap Lady , Sold to BI-LO-JI Farms, Saco, MT

Lot 50 at $5,000, MATH Upward 41F; 3/26/18; Shipwheel Upward 2517 x CM Forever Lady, sold to NC Cattle Company, Fairview, MT

Top Commercial Bred Heifers:

$1,525 x 20 Head

$1,500 x 21 Head

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