May is Beef Month |

May is Beef Month

PIERRE, SD – As the summer barbecue season starts to heat up, now is the perfect time to enjoy a thick steak, juicy hamburger, or tasty kabob on the grill.

Gov. Mike Rounds has declared May as “Beef Month” in South Dakota. It is important that the citizens of South Dakota recognize the valuable contributions the cattle industry makes to the health and well-being of our state, Gov. Rounds stated in the proclamation.

Beef Month is a celebration of the proud men and women who produce the safe, wholesome, and nutritious beef for which South Dakota is known. This unique celebration began more than 40 years ago and recognizes one of the state’s largest economic sectors.

“Beef producers are crucial to our state’s vitality,” Gov. Rounds said. “And continuing to develop our SOUTH DAKOTA CERTIFIED ENROLLED CATTLE™ and SOUTH DAKOTA CERTIFIED BEEF™ programs will help ensure the future of this industry is as bright as its past.”

South Dakota has more than 15,000 beef producers and about 3.7 million beef cattle – roughly five head for every person in the state. The beef industry has a $3.72 billion economic impact on South Dakota, which represents more than six percent of the state’s entire economic output.

“Agriculture is our state’s No. 1 industry, and beef production is one of the driving forces behind our economy,” said South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Bill Even. Agriculture has a $21.3 billion economic impact on South Dakota, and creates approximately 40 percent of the state’s job opportunities and 50 percent of its tax revenue.

Raising cattle is one of South Dakota’s oldest professions, Even adds.

“Cattle producers are an integral part of our history, our economy, and our rural way of life,” he said. “Beef Month recognizes the hard work they do day in and day out to put a great tasting, high-quality product on the dinner table.”

Gov. Rounds’ official “Beef Month” proclamation can be viewed at:

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