McConnell Angus Bull Sale |

McConnell Angus Bull Sale

A huge crowd gathered for the McConnell Angus bull sale. Roger and Rhonda McConnell, along with their sons Ryan and Royce and their families, welcomed prospective bull buyers to their ranch for a look at the offering. The sale was held in their beautiful new sale barn – a unique facility that offers a lot of hospitality to their bull buying customers.

This was an extremely strong set of bulls, offering thickness, soundness and fleshing ability, along with bred-in maternal traits. This year they added some of the Scottish sires that bring in sheer muscle and thickness.

The McConnells did get a break from the weather on sale day, as they had to postpone from their original Tuesday, Feb. 1 date due to extreme weather.

I felt this was the best quality set of bulls that the McConnells have ever offered, and they were readily received by this big crowd. Many repeat buyers were in the seats for this offering of quality bulls.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 24, MA Net Worth 9102. He is an 8/26/09 son of SAV Net Worth 4200, and out of a daughter of Bon View New Design 1407 with a weaning weight ratio of 113 on three calves. Born at 75 lbs., he weaned at 778 lbs. His EPDs were +2.2 BW, +58 WW, +31 MILK and +107 YW. He had an IMF ratio of 132 and an REA of 13.0 sq. in. His new owner is Hoot Owl Ranch from Harrisburg, NE at $10,500.

The Lot 15 bull sold for $9,000 to Hunt and Hunt from Broken Bow, NE. He is a January 2010 son of Net Worth, and out of a VDAR KA Legacy daughter who has ratioed 106 on five calves. With a 73-lb. birth weight, he weaned at 760 lbs. and posted EPDs of +0.1 BW, +44 WW, +29 MILK and +84 YW.

Hoot Owl Ranch also bought the Lot 2 bull at $8,500. This January yearling son of TC Aberdeen 759 had a 78-lb. birth weight and a weaning weight of 870 lbs. His ribeye area measured 15.2 sq. in.

Mike and Joan McGill from Laramie, WY, chose the Lot 1 bull at $7,750. Another son of TC Aberdeen 759, his mother is a daughter of Sitz Alliance. His EPDs included +0.8 BW, +54 WW, +30 MILK and +95 YW.

Lot 22 sold for $7,750 to Byron McCormick from Oshkosh, NE, and was a Net Worth son with extra length of body.

As always, the McConnells served a fantastic noon dinner, but the dessert after the sale made the day special. The German chocolate cake with homemade ice cream will make me remember the McConnells sale day for a long time. Congratulations to the McConnell family!

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