McConnell Angus Bull Sale |

McConnell Angus Bull Sale

Date: Jan. 27, 2022

Location: at the ranch near Dix, NE

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek


188 Reg. Angus Bulls – $6,750

53 Running Age Females avg. $2,698

15 Open Heifers avg. $1,917

A huge crowd gathered for the McConnell Angus Bull Sale at their ranch in their beautiful sale barn. The McConnells are proud of the disposition of their bulls, and consequently, they bring them through the ring for the sale. They have an excellent selection of High Altitude PAP tested bulls.

This was an extremely strong set of bulls, offering thickness, soundness, and fleshing ability, along with bred-in maternal traits.

Top Selling Angus Bulls:

Lot 1 (McConnell APP 042): $49,000 to Mitchell Ranch, Wyoming, Prescott Ranches, Colorado, and Johnson Mesa Angus, New Mexico – Deer Valley Growth Fund x Connealy In Sure 8524

Lot 64: $15,500 to Gary Dethlefs, Nebraska – SAV Regard 4863 x SAV Bismarck 5682

Lot 3: $15,500 to Farthing Ranch, Wyoming – Deer Valley Growth Fund x Gaffney Game Changer 371

Lot 2: $15,000 to Harding Ranch, Wyoming – Deer Valley Growth Fund x PA Full Power 1208

Lot 10: $13,000 to Koupal Ranch, South Dakota – McConnell Altitude 3114 x SAV Pioneer 7301

Top Selling Open Heifer:

Lot 212: out of SAV America 8018 to Johnson Livestock, Saskatchewan, Canada

Nathan Craig, Flagler, Colorado, bought Lot 8 at $12,000.

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