McConnell Angus Spring Calving Cowherd Dispersion |

McConnell Angus Spring Calving Cowherd Dispersion

Mason Angus took several females back to their Anselmo, Neb., ranch.

Date: Nov. 9, 2013


29 heifer calf pairs: $5,232

117 bred cows: $3,199

75 bred heifers: $3,100

48 commercial bred heifers: $2,272

When the families at McConnell Angus decide to do something, they do it right, with their feet solidly on planted on the ground. Thus with customer demand increasing for long age bulls, they expanded their fall calving herd of registered cows. Rather than trying to play catch-up with the spring calving herd, Roger McConnell and his family decided to offer that set of cattle to the public at their Spring Calving Cow Herd Dispersion sale, held at the ranch on Nov. 9. This was a fantastic opportunity for Angus breeders from across the region to select top quality Angus genetics from a proven program. The females on this sale were represented by some of the leading AI sires in the Angus industry. These were the dams of several of the top selling bulls that have gone thru this very same ring in past Feb. sales.

By following a stringent AI program and selecting replacement females based on fertility, body type, longevity, performance and soundness, McConnell Angus has gained a reputation for producing top quality seedstock that will perform in the prairies and in higher elevations. The fall calving cows will ring true to those same guidelines as the spring herd. And with many daughters and granddaughters retained in the fall calving cows, those genetics will carry on tradition for generations to come.

Top selling pairs:

Lot 3, FoxCross Miss Shadoe 6001, a Feb. 2006 daughter of SAV 8180 Traveler 004 with EPDs of: BW 3.8, WW 47, Milk 30, YW 84. This Pathfinder female was bred to MA Iron Mountain 115 to calve in Feb. 2014 and sold for $5,250. Lot 3A, MA Miss Shadoe 308, her 1/13 daughter sold for $4,750. This top heifer calf has EPDs of: BW 1.4, WW 46, Milk 27, YW 82 was sired by Cole Creek Cedar Ridge IV. Shaw Cattle Co., Kimball, Neb., purchased the pair.

Lot 86, MA Pridella 900, a Jan. 2009 daughter of GAR New Design 5050 and out of an LT 598 Bando 9074 dam sold to Hoot Owl Ranch, Scottsbluff, Neb., for $4,750. This cow has EPDs of: BW .2, WW 47, Milk 32, YW 91 and was carrying a Sitz Upward x MA 5175 Bando 349 embryo due in Jan. 2014. Lot 86A, her Jan. 2013 heifer calf sired by SAV Angus Valley 1867 with EPDs of: BW 0.1, WW 52, Milk 28, YW 95, sold to T.J. Hollingsworth, Cheyenne, Wyo., at $5,000.

Topping the bred cows was lot 200, MA Reids Beauty 0701, a Mar. 2010 daughter of MA Net Worth 846 with EPDs of: BW 2.5, WW 44, Milk 28, YW 78. This cow was carrying an SAV Resource x SAV Blackbird 3172 due in Jan. 2014. Koupal Angus, Dante, S.D., was the buyer at $5,500.

The top selling bred heifer was lot 28, MA Belle 210, a Jan. 2012 daughter of SAV Pioneer 7301 with EPD’s of BW 2.2 WW 51 Milk 30 YW 94. This heifer was AI bred to Rito 12E7, due in Jan. 2014 and sold to Mason Angus, Anselmo, NE for $4750.

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