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McDonnell Angus Beef Country Genetics

Date: May 1, 2013

Location: Bowman Livestock, Bowman, ND


76 Black Angus Yearling Bulls – $3,580

7 SimAngus Yearling Bulls – $2,750

56 Registered Rep. Heifers – $1,274

It was another fine day to head over to Bowman, ND, to the Bowman Auction Market for the McDonnell Angus Production Sale. As the wind blew from slightly to gusting, the real mind blowing sensation was the knock-out set of bulls offered by the Leo McDonnell crew. The McDonnell program focuses on efficiency, fertility, structure, efficiency, maternal background, and did I mention efficiency? These bulls had some of the best numbers offered this spring of any program. Not only did they look good on paper, but they also backed it up with sound structure and eye appeal. Definitely earning the title of Beef Country Genetics.

Lot 2, McD Performer 279, was the sale topper at $7,000. This Rock’n D Proficient 2915 son was purchased by Silhouette Angus of Jordan, MT. His actual weights include an 82 pound birthweight and a 766 pound weaning weight; his EPDs marked BW 2.6, WW 40, YW 73, and Milk 27.

Lot 56, was a commercial bull out of BC Mid Emblazon 854E 702, captured the attention of Blooming Valley Farms of Watertown, SD. He sold for $6,500. No EPDs available but this bull had an actual birthweight of 68 pounds, a weaning weight of 634 pounds, and a 35.5 cm. scrotal. He is out of a Power Alliance 9126 644 CAF dam.

Lot 1, McD Performer 285, also sold to the Blooming Valley Farms of Watertown, SD, for $6,250. This Rock’n D Proficient 2915 bull posted EPDs of BW 0.7, WW 47, YW 84, and Milk of 28. He recorded actual weights of 76 pounds at birth and 777 pounds at weaning. This bull ratio was 104 for weaning.

Lot 47, sold for $6,000 to Scott Davis of White Earth, ND. McD SF Upshot 2260, son of EXAR Upshot 0562B, gave EPDs of BW 1.6, WW 55, a booming YW 110, finished with a Milk of 29. His actual weight at birth was 87 pounds and at weaning was 725 pounds.

Lot 53, McD SF Converter 2270, also sold for $6,000. This bull was purchased by none other that Art DeGrand of Baker, MT. This Willekes Converter 4402-9 son combines calving ease with huge gain as his actual numbers at birth was 68 pounds and weaning off at a whopping 715 pounds. His EPDs are BW 1.6, WW 60, YW 100, and Milk 21.

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