McNamee Angus Ranch 23rd Annual Yearling Bull Sale |

McNamee Angus Ranch 23rd Annual Yearling Bull Sale

McNamee Angus Ranch held their 23rd annual yearling bull sale on April 16, 2011 at the ranch. Jack and family raise the kind of bulls that are ready for work, and most importantly, any condition or environment. They raise cattle that have to survive on grass and hay, but yet produce a strong and healthy calf. They focus on females that can survive the environment, or whatever Mother Nature brings their way, and continue to breed back year after year.

This year’s set of bulls were perhaps the best set of bulls that McNamees have raised. These bulls had structural soundness, fleshing ability and good dispositions. The sires to these bulls were selected with the expectation that they would produce calves that are correct and naturally thick with moderate birth weights and sufficient potential for growth. Many of the McNamee bulls found homes with repeat buyers.

The high selling bull was Lot 428, a son of Horse Butte 7013 of 1116, sold to Paul Turner of Shelby, MT, for $6,750.

Lot 861, a son of J MC Hero 741 of 634, sold to Karen and Gus Glasscock of Cohagen, MT, for $5,250.

Lot 743, a son of Horse Butte 6936 of 9136, sold to Tim Donnelly of Miles City, MT, for $5,500. Donnelly has purchased bulls from McNamees for 21 years.

Lot 805, a son of Horse Butte 7623 of 5623, sold to Trusler Inc. of Otter Creek, MT, for $5,100.

Lot 609, a son of Horse Butte 6916 of 1916, sold to Jack Linford of Jordan, MT, for $4,900.

Volume buyer was Marian Hanson of Ashland, MT, with nine bulls. Hanson has been buying bulls from McNamees for 19 years.


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