MCOOL Rally – Keystone, SD on July 3

On July 3, President Trump will be attending the fireworks, at Mt. Rushmore. This event is going to draw a huge crowd of people, and hopefully, a lot of national media. A group of Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling supporters have decided to do a “Demand USA Beef” rally, to bring attention to consumers and the President. Whether you raise beef or consume it, you are welcome to help spread the message that Americans need to know where their food comes from.

The group will meet between the Borglum Story Museum & Dahl’s Chainsaw Art (lots of wood carvings, and a giant hoop building in the center of town).
We will start gathering between 9 am and noon. Parking will be limited, but we have an alternate spot reserved, outside of town, north of Keystone 2 miles (Across the hwy. from Holy Smoke Resort- chainlink pen and buildings.) The earlier you get there, the more likely you are to have a place to park. This event will last throughout the day, with meaningful dialogue about the cattle industry. Fireworks will be held at Mt. Rushmore at 9:15 pm.

This is a PEACEFUL, PRO-AMERICAN rally. Any violence will not be tolerated! We are encouraging people to bring signs/banners (#DemandUSABeef , MCOOL, Label Our Beef, etc.) and American flags. Horseback riders are welcome, but again, parking may be limited. We expect to have Cowboys for Trump riding with us, joining our cause. Bring lawn chairs, water, and we will have a grill, if anyone wants to bring beef, buns, etc. for a cookout.

Please call Judd Schomp at 605-490-0604 for more information.

–Demand USA Beef Rally