Mead delivers State of the State to Wyo. legislature |

Mead delivers State of the State to Wyo. legislature

Last week, in his state of the state address to 63rd Legislature at the opening of the budget session, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead said Wyoming remains strong. He recognized the citizens of Wyoming for keeping the state strong. He recognized the Legislature for working hard on the tough issues. He recognized this is a time of constrained revenue and has reduced his budget recommendations twice already.

Governor Mead recounted the proactive efforts that have gotten Wyoming where it is today, including streamlining government, keeping the standard budget flat, developing water and energy strategies, working on wildlife and other natural resource issues and providing economic catalysts as well as effective, efficient services. Wyoming has also saved well for a rainy day, amassing the largest rainy day fund relative to the overall budget in the country.

“To move ahead we must provide a budget that recognizes not only the challenges now and in the future, but the opportunities that also exist. My budget proposal does that–while cautious it helps us stay proactive,” said Governor Mead. “It does not overspend ­ yet it provides for economic and growth opportunities. It represents some hard choices. It sets priorities not just for the next two years but long term. My budget, by borrowing from and repaying the rainy day fund, provides a method to trim our sails and still continue great momentum.”

The Governor thanked the Congressional delegation for its work in getting Abandoned Land Mine funds restored to the state. The Governor indicated the organizations in Wyoming that support expanding Medicaid and the reasons why they support expansion. He asked that school funding and funding options be looked at over the next year ­ a process everyone should be involved in.

Governor Mead further said, “What we do now will either build or stagnate Wyoming. Let’s step up, with courage and build Wyoming, take care of our citizens and provide a conservative yet positive path forward.”

Video of Governor Matt Mead’s State of the State address to the 63rd Wyoming Legislature is available online at

–Office of Governor Matt Mead

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