Merial announces new parasite control |

Merial announces new parasite control

Those in the livestock industry know that the wellbeing of their animals is paramount, not only morally, but from a profitability standpoint. So they demand innovative products that can help prevent and treat harmful diseases.

“We take pride in providing the industry with products based on unique technology. It’s one thing to offer products based on existing knowledge, but another when a company invests time and resources to developing new technology,” says Joe Dedrickson, DVM, PhD, manager, large animal veterinary services for Merial.

For example, when Merial introduced IVOMEC® (ivermectin), it revolutionized parasite control because of the way it treated a broad spectrum of parasites while protecting against new infections.

More recently, Merial introduced LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin) with THERAPHASETM formulation. This parasite control product is the first extended-release injection available on the market. Producers get up to 100 to 150 days of parasite control in a single spring treatment.2,3 The product’s longevity is enough to break the parasite life cycle and help address the problem of pasture reinfection.4,5

“LONGRANGE is unique as cattle only need to be treated once, rather than three to four times during the grazing season, which is what is required with conventional dewormers,” says Dedrickson.

The season-long consistent parasite control of LONGRANGE is possible because of the innovative THERAPHASE formulation, which releases the active ingredient for an extended period after injection (at least 100 days).3

“THERAPHASE formulation creates one initial therapeutic peak of LONGRANGE quickly following the injection,” says Dedrickson. “Then, about 70 days after the injection, the THERAPHASE formulation releases a second burst of eprinomectin, the active ingredient in LONGRANGE. This is what helps provide producers season-long control.”

Long-time producer and veterinarian Clint Gardner, Pryor, Okla., appreciates the product’s longevity. “Back in the day, there was a product called the SR Bolus that gave an extended duration of action, and LONGRANGE is the first product in a long time that has had any comparable level of duration. It is one of those products that’s making things easier for my clients and putting more money in their pockets because of the increased weight gains,” says Gardner.

Another producer, Louie Self, Claremore, Okla., appreciates the results of using LONGRANGE as it relates to his bottom line. “I had heard from a friend that LONGRANGE would give me an economic advantage and bigger calves so I decided to try it and wormed all my mother cows in the spring. From an aesthetic standpoint, the cows have a lot of bloom to them with very slick and shiny hair coats that lasted all the way into the fall. My operation has five years of weaning weight data, and this year with LONGRANGE, the weaning weights were 40 pounds heavier than the five-year average. With these kinds of results, it’s hard to not use it in the future. I would recommend it to all of my neighbors as it has really helped my bottom line.” F


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