Miller Angus of Draper Annual Bull Sale |

Miller Angus of Draper Annual Bull Sale

Jim Deutsch, White River, S.D., bought Lot 30 for $6,500.

Date: Apr. 7, 2014

Location: Presho Livestock Auction

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek & Scott Dirk


49 ylg bulls: $4582

40 ylg commercial hfrs: $1,570

This was Curt Miller’s 32nd sale and many of his customers had been buying from him way before I was around this sale. Curt and Janet are truly some of the really nice people in this business. Joined by their son, Casey Miller, they hosted a good crowd of mostly repeat buyers to their annual sale.

The Miller herd has been built around providing their customers with big, long bulls that sire extra performance for their customers. These bulls are extra long and very sound, with a lot of eye appeal, and pack as much pure performance as any herd we see. You will find pathfinder status in the backgrounds of a number of the mothers of these bulls.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 342, selling for $7,750 to Tom Gesinger, Ridgeview, S.D. This heifer bull prospect was a son of the increasingly popular bull, AAR Ten X 7008. His mother was a daughter of Connealy Impression, and he was born at 70 lb. He weaned at 683 lb. and posted a yearling weight of 1,209 lb. He had EPDs of BW -0.2, WW 65, YW 120, MILK 30, and $B 94.03.

Gathering a lot of attention was Lot 311, a son of TC Broadside who was out of a daughter of SAV Final Answer. Born at 85 lb., he weaned at 727 lb. and yielded a yearling weight of 1,298 lb. His EPDs were BW 2.7, WW 70, YW 123, and MILK 24. Selling at $7,500, he headed home with Ronald Juhnke, Pierre, S.D.

Long time repeat buyer Kevin Meyers, Draper, S.D., bought a highly recommended bull in Lot 31 at $7,250. Here was a son of WK Rocky 1052 who was out of a Pathfinder daughter of TC Broadside. With an 84 lb. birth weight, he weaned at 721 lb. and had a yearling weight of 1,300 lb. He had strong EPDs of BW 4.5, WW 70, YW 125, MILK 32 and $B 85.21.

Lot 329 sold for $6,750 to Kent Juhnke, Vivian, S.D. Sired by Schurrtop MA Broker, he was out of a daughter of TC Aberdeen. His birth weight was 70 lb., followed by a weaning weight of 647 lb. His EPDs were BW 0.2, WW 53, YW 90, and MILK 31.

Lot 30 sold for $6,500 to Jim Deutsch, White River, S.D. This bull was sired by WK Rocky 1052 and out of a Pathfinder daughter of Schurrtop MC. Born at 95 lb., he weaned at 736 lb. and grew to a yearling weight of 1,232 lb. His EPDs were BW 4.5, WW 66, YW 114, MILK 33, and $B 84.38.

Other high sellers included Lot 312, another son of TC Broadside to Paul Patterson, Draper, S.D., and Lot 349, a son of SchurrGene MA Next Level, to Rob Calkins, Ft. Pierre, S.D. Lot 312 was the heaviest bull in the sale, posting a yearling weight of 1,323 lb. Lot 349 was a sure shot heifer bull with a 75 lb. birth weight and a BW EPD of -0.1. He did know how to grow as his weaning and yearling ratios were both 117.

This was Curt’s last set of calves sired by his resident herd sire, TC Broadside, and they were still met with outstanding demand. Curt continues to add new bloodlines, with the latest additions to include Koupals B&B Identity 2035 and KR JJD Identity 3411.

A very good day for the Miller family, and you know you can’t get around the pie at Presho Livestock.

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