Miller Angus Top Tier Herd Bull Sale |

Miller Angus Top Tier Herd Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: 03/29/2021

Location: Glacial Lakes Livestock, Watertown, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Dustin Carter


78 Bulls averaged $4,086

Sale Highlights

Lot 18 at $11,500 MILLERS TRADEMARK N419, Dob 4-26-2020 Reg19986633, Sitz Logo 6197 x Miss Rosie K302 of MAF sold to Stone Creel Angus, Freeport, Illinois

Lot 34 at $11,500, MILLERS GUNNER N327, Dob 3-14-2020 Reg 19947921, GAR Ashland x Miss Pride 1320 of MAF sold to Stevensons Diamond Dot, Hobson, Montana

Lot 36 at $9000, MILLERS STAFF SERGEANT N380 Dob 1-26-20 Reg 19957468 , HA Prime Cut 4493 x Zara Lady E533 of MAF sold to MF Cattle, South Dakota

Lot 1 at $8750 MILLERS DEPOSIT N27, Dob 3-13-2020 Reg 19954415, Sitz Logo 6197 x Lady Eileen L72 of MAF sold to Norman Ranch Rapid City, South Dakota

Lot 2 at $7500, MILLERS WALK THE LINE N34 Dob 2-14-2020 Reg 19954415, Sitz Logo 6197 x Empress Dawn K95 of MAF sold to Norman Ranch, Rapid City, South Dakota

Miller Angus offered a Great set of Bulls to a big crowd of many Repeat and New Buyers

Rory Iverson
Steve Jacobson & Larry Gauger

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